Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar is a destination with a wide variety of landscapes and experiences that will leave you speechless. This small town on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the province of Castellón, has a series of monuments that will allow you to travel back in time to discover part of its historical and cultural heritage.


What to see

One of the main attractions is the Castle of Oropesa del Mar, which sits on top of the old part of the town, from where you can enjoy a magical panoramic view of the area. Another point of interest in this Mediterranean town is the Virgen de la Paciencia Chapel. Here you can visit the 18th-century tilework of l’Alcora and a beautiful 16th-century image of the Virgin of Patience.
If you are looking for a green place to disconnect and enjoy the views, the Amplaries Gardens bring together exotic vegetation from the five continents. Waterfalls, fountains and a host of details that will captivate your senses – you’ll love it!
Oropesa del Mar also has leisure parks for all the family. Among them all, one that will delight adults and children alike is the Jardín Encantado (Enchanted Garden).


Discover it

Oropesa del Mar would not be understood without its beaches, without those corners where the Mediterranean breeze makes your skin crawl. Don’t miss the opportunity to lose yourself on its coast and discover beautiful spots such as Playa la Renegà, a wild paradise, or Playa de la Concha. Its bay shape and golden sand make it an ideal place to spend hours and hours sunbathing and take a dip in its waters!
If you’re hungry for more and want to experience nature in its purest form, take the Greenway that runs from Benicasim to Oropesa del Mar. A route with magnificent views of the Mediterranean.
Oropesa del Mar is sea, nature, history, tradition… A destination that will captivate you and to which you will want to return more than once. There will always be something new to discover!